How to Enter our Codewars Challenge

1. Complete our Entry Form

To take part in our Challenge you need to register. Do this by completing our form.

2. Register on Codewars

You need a Codewars account to complete a Codewars challenge. Register an account for yourself.

3. Earn 6 Honor or More

Prove to us that you’re keen to learn and that you’ve got Dev skills by earning 6 Honor or more. Only then will you be entered into our drone prize draw.

Step 1: Complete our Entry Form

Step 1: Complete our Entry Form

The SOLID Codewars Challenge is now closed.

Please do continue to improve your development skills on Codewars though.

Step 2: Register on Codewars

  1. Visit the Codewars site at and sign up.
  2. Select your preferred coding language
  3. Answer the simple question
  4. Enter your details to ‘enlist’


  • To be visible to us, your clan name needs to be ‘SOLID Codewars Challenge
  • Your Username must be ‘Firstname_Surname‘ so we can correlate you to your contact details
Register on Codewars

Step 3: Earn 6 Honor or More

To have your name added to our lucky draw to win a brand new DJI Spark Drone, you need to belong to our clan, and have earned a minimum of 6 Codewars Honor.


You are absolutely more than welcome to earn as many Honor as you can get your hands on – but you need at least 6 to enter our draw. 4 Will not do.



  • You already have a Codewars account: If you’ve already got a Codewars account where you have accrued more than 6 Honor, that’s ok. Just change your clan name for the duration of our competition and you’ll be entered into the draw.
  • Your Username in no way resembles your actual name:¬†As you can imagine, we need to be able to correlate your real-person contact details to your Codewars username. If we can’t… we can’t contact you if you win. Best is to let us know what your username is by emailing us at

The Rules

    1. The SOLID Codewars Challenge is open to everyone from 9am Wednesday, 23 August 2017
    2. The competition closes at 12noon on Friday, 25 August 2017
    3. At the time of competition closure, a snapshot will be taken of the 'SOLID Codewars Challenge' clan. Everyone with 6 Honor or more will be added into our lucky draw and a winner will be randomly drawn using
    4. To be eligible for the draw you have to:
      1. Have completed our Entry Form and,
      2. Belong to the 'SOLID Codewars Challenge' clan
    5. If your username is not in the format of 'Firstname_Surname' you need to email us at and inform us of your full name so we can correlate you to your contact details
    6. The prize for this competition is (1) brand new DJI Sparke Drone
    7. Standard SOLIDitech competition terms and conditions apply

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